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social impact & health project manager 

I have over 4 years of international experience in social impact and health, including research, global policy, sustainability, program implementation, and impact evaluation. I also have experience in communications and content creation, including within design, brand, writing, and social media. I am passionate about adapting new skills and utilizing my proclivity for creativity, especially as it relates to designing, analyzing, and scaling sustainable programs. My goal is to have a significant impact on equitable health outcomes, education access, economic development and sustainability globally, and provide organizations with the competencies necessary to leverage their resource and influence for social good.

explore my journey and experiences from public health student to social impact professional


I grew up volunteering and traveling (having volunteered with such organizations as the UNRWA and AmidEast supporting refugee education in the SWANA region) and in a family of lawyers, health enthusiasts and business leaders. In August 2015, I enrolled at the University of South Carolina to pursue a degree in international business.
I wanted to work for humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations, and aid in improving their financial or operations procedures to increase effectiveness, or for purpose-driven companies, such as Patagonia. Upon reflecting on my passion for nutrition and humanitarian affairs I decided to instead pursue a degree in Public Health; in December 2018, I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's in Public Health with a minor in Business Administration. 
Impact Evaluation
in Guatemala
In the summer of 2017, I decided to conduct an impact evaluation of a small nonprofit's nutrition program in Guatemala. ​I wanted to understand the social, economic, and political factors that led to a country with one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world, and determine whether local health programs were effective in tackling this crisis. I chose Guatemala because of its classification as such a country, my knowledge of health and economic programs there, and for my proficiency in Spanish.
I received funding from the University of South Carolina's Honors College to travel to and conduct my study in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala. I analyzed the effectiveness of the nutrition program at Primeros Pasos, an organization with a mission to improve health outcomes of the people living in local valley communities. By the end of the study, I was also able to provide feedback to the organization's director and institute organizational procedures in order to regularly analyze participant data. 
See pictures of this experience here.
Quetzaltenago, Guatemala
August 2017 - July 2017
internship at
Save the Children
Washington, DC 
January 2018 - May 2018
After my experience in Guatemala, I decided to pursue global policy to increase public understanding of global health, education, and economic issues, and provide the necessary funding for global programs. In January 2018, instead of attending my last semester of college, I decided to defer graduation and pursue an internship in policy. I was soon offered the Global Development Policy and Advocacy internship position at Save the Children (one of the most influential international nonprofit organizations, working in over 100 countries). 
In this position I conducted vital statistical research in collaboration with USAID, determining the impact on mortality rates caused by decreases in funding for global health, created a Global Situation Report detailing all of the world's humanitarian crises for Congress (alongside UN Foundation, OxFam, & CARE), served as a Team Leader for Save's annual Advocacy Summit, and led congressional meetings increasing support for global health and education programs. In this position, I was also introduced to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through Save the Children's corporate partners. I realized this was the perfect amalgamation of my entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and desire to create, initiate, and scale humanitarian programs.
international Social impact at Selina
I then began to pursue positions in corporate responsibility and found my first opportunity with the international hospitality company, Selina.
I worked as the company's Social Impact & Culture Project Manager tasked with improving the New York Headquarters' employee satisfaction rating, implementing employee health and volunteering programs, and managing international social impact projects. I also designed  communications strategies and content, overseeing the employee Instagram, newsletter, and impact website, in addition to facilitating culture meetings between staff and the executive team (on topics such as DEI, burnout, and corporate communications standards). Within the first 2 months of this role, I had increased the employee satisfaction rating by 25%, and by the end of this role, I had organized over 150 corporate and social impact events.
For global social impact, I  pioneered the company's first sustainability program by analyzing the supply chain procedures and sustainability audits of 60 hotels. Through this analysis, and by leading sustainability inspections at the hotels, I was able to implement water, waste, and energy usage limits, setting global standards that saved $1 million in operational costs. I also instituted the company's first social impact reports (through analyzing the impact activities of every hotel), managed economic mobility and education programs (translating the company's hospitality training program for the Unites States), and facilitated partnerships with community organizations.
New York, NY & Panama
June 2019 - May 2020
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social impact consulting & Not The Minority
NYC Skyline BW
June 2020 - present
I have recently co-founded a mental health initiative named not the minority, which curates and translates mental health content for US & international youth (ages 15 to 25) of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. NTM's mission is to provide culturally competent mental health information to disenfranchised groups, address the global mental health stigma, and highlight the nuanced experiences of people from different backgrounds. For NTM I lead communications, content creation (translating evidence-based research into engaging social media and blog posts), market and health research, design, partnerships, fundraising and brand.
Currently, I also consult for a variety of organizations in social impact, sustainability, and health, including Parkes Philanthropy, United4Information, and MIGUSA. I am actively  seeking new opportunities in social impact and project management. You can contact me through email, LinkedIn, or the contact form if you have inquiries, opportunities, or want to request a consultation.