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Fundraiser for Lebanon

The explosion in Lebanon has left at least 135 citizens dead, 1000's injured, and around 300,000 people without homes. This is amidst a global pandemic, economic and political crises, and a food shortage. In addition to causing a humanitarian crisis, the explosion has also had substantial environmental implications amidst the growing concern of climate change. Lebanon needs funding to provide healthcare, housing, food and supplies to the people affected. The funds from these t-shirt sales will go to Beit al-Baraka, a non profit organization is Beirut that provides housing, medical support, and food aid to Lebanese citizens (

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Global Situation Report

The Global Situation Report was made in collaborations with Save the Children, OxFam, UN Foundation, and CARE. This report details every global crisis occurring in the world in 2017, made for distribution throughout Congress, to inform Congress people of humanitarian issues and stimulate support for global policy efforts.

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not the minority

Not the minority curates and translates engaging mental wellness content vetted by professionals and adapted for young adults of different races and ethnicities. I convert evidence-based mental health research into engaging and easy to understand social media posts, that is then translated into multiple languages.